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Yamadamatsu Incense "Seishukoh"

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Yamadamatsu Since 1600's from Kyoto Japan

Originally founded as a medicinal pharmacy that processed and purified fragrant woods and raw materials to be offered for healthful benefits, Yamadamatsu has been a respected family business for over 200 years, manufacturing high quality incense from their unchanged recipe they originated during Japan’s Edo Period.

A refreshing and clean scent made from incense ingredients that are said to have antibacterial effects, such as peppermint, bamboo charcoal, sandalwood, cloves, and kakko.

*Slim incense (10cm) 30 pieces

*Alminium incense holder

*Burning time: approx. 25 minutes


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Yamadamatsu Incense "Seishukoh" - MIKAFleurhome goods