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Store owner Mika’s first exposure to working with clay was at a local pottery class in 2010. She immediately felt a deep connection to and fascination with the clay creation process. The core of her creativity has always been heavily influenced by nature, as evidenced in her signature “Jellyfish” piece. The pot’s organic form is inspired by sea urchins she found on a beach in Newfoundland. 

Mika’s work includes both hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces using mostly porcelain and stoneware, as well as applying different textures, hues, and colours to complement the form. As a potter and a florist, she combines her two loves to make beautifully handcrafted works showcasing the warmth of the clay and its connection to nature. She also enjoys making functional pieces with careful consideration for everyday life, like a mug that fits in your hand perfectly! She’d like to think her work offers a more mindful eating and drinking experience. Drinking from Mika’s original handmade mugs is a very different experience than drinking from a mass-manufactured mug. All of our functional pieces are food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

We hope that everyone will feel this warmth and enjoy our featured creations in their daily lives!
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