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LECA (Hydroponics Clay Pebbles) - 500g

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  • Rinse and soak Hydro before you use it the first time. Measure the pH value, as new pebbles have a high pH bring if down with pH- to an appropriate and stable pH.
  • The recommended pH range is 5.5 - 6.5, however this depends on your nutrients.
  • After each grow (or even during) flush with enzymes to cleean.
  • Always work very clean to provide infections when using inert hydroponic substrates.
  • If you have had any disease or infection, disinfect the substrate with a hydrogen peroxide solution. We recommend disinfecting the substrate at least once a year.
  • When re-using the substrate, leave the small root materials in it. A second grow on the same substrate can give a better result.
  • We recommend using Gold Label Hydro nutrients on Hydro. There professional hydroponic nutrients contain chelaated micro elements.
  • If you re-cycle your nutrients make sure that pH and EC levels stay within range. Work very clean to prevent the spread of pathogens throughout your crop.
  • Clean your tank and replace your nutrient solution at least every week. 


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LECA (Hydroponics Clay Pebbles) - 500g - MIKAFleurPlant
LECA (Hydroponics Clay Pebbles) - 500g - MIKAFleurPlant