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6" Chinese Evergreen(Aglaonema "Red siam")

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Aglaonemas are easy-going plants with strikingly patterned leaves. They tolerate both moist and dry conditions, and the fact that they will thrive with low light, they are perfect choice for less than ideal light conditions or forgetful plant owners. 

Light: By nature, Aglaonemas do best in well-lit locations such as window sill with eastern light exposure. Bright, but indirect sunlight is optimal. Be careful to not put them in full sun bcause,in many cases, the leaves will burn. If you have less than optical lighting available, don't worry! They will tolerate and even thrive, in low light areas.

Water: Water throughly, but allow the soil to dry out. between waterings. Do not allow the lower soil to remain wet as this may cause root rot.

Toxicity: Moderately toxic to pets and humans.

Fun fact: Aglaonemas are exceptional air purifiers! 

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6" Chinese Evergreen(Aglaonema "Red siam") - MIKAFleurPlant
6" Chinese Evergreen(Aglaonema "Red siam") - MIKAFleurPlant