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Medicinal herb tea "Yakushu-cha"

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Yakushu-icha is a blend of medicinal herbs that are believed to promote beauty and digestion, blended with fragrant Uji tea.
Enjoy the refreshing sweetness and gorgeous aroma.

7 kinds of medicinal herbs
*Rose Flower: Dried flower buds of the rose family. It has a faintly sweet aroma.
*Chenpi: Dried peel of tangerine. It has a sweet and sour aroma.
*Chrysanthemum flower: Dried edible chrysanthemum flower parts. Refreshing aroma.
*Ohnly the fennel The fruit of an evergreen tree of the Pinaceae family. It has a sweet and refreshing aroma.
*A agarwood leaf: The leaves of agarwood from Vietnam. It is characterized by its fragrant and refreshing bitterness.
*Dinggang:Flower buds of an evergreen tall tree of the family Araliaceae. It has a gorgeous and spicy aroma.
*Cinnabar: The bark of an evergreen tree of the camphoraceae family. It has a sweet and rich aroma.

Delicious brewing method
Add 200-250 cc of hot water per packet, wait 1 minute, and then remove the packet for best flavor.The second brewing also changes the flavor slightly, so please enjoy it.


8 bags of medicinal tea
Product Specifications

8 bags in a stand-up pack (bag) 23 x 17 (x 7 cm thick)

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Medicinal herb tea "Yakushu-cha" - MIKAFleurTea
Medicinal herb tea "Yakushu-cha" - MIKAFleurTea