At MIKA we take our inspiration from nature and the countryside where the owners grew up. We believe that nature calms the soul and brings peace of mind. One of our aims is to share this sense of calm with urban dwellers. 

Before opening the store, owner Mika Sato sold her natural creations at various arts and craft shows around Southern Ontario. The "Jellyfish", one of Mika's signature designs, has received a lot of praises and appreciation from her then customers. She soon realized that her products—a unique combination of plants and handmade works such as kokedama moss balls, terrariums, and handmade ceramic pots—were a way to bring nature to the city. It was from this realization that the idea was born to create a dedicated space for her products, and MIKA was finally opened on September 23, 2017. 

MIKA’s logo was inspired by a maple key, a symbol of Mika Sato’s birthplace in Hiroshima prefecture as well as her adopted Canadian home. At MIKA we wish to introduce Japanese culture and crafts to Canadians in hopes that our vision will grow, like the small maple key that falls to the ground and becomes a grand tree. We want to inspire our customers to find their own peace of mind through our curated selection of lush plants, handmade goods (including our own pottery), antiques, and unique Japanese products. 

Store Theme

Visit MIKA to bring a relaxing natural atmosphere home with you. 


Our vision is to offer customers an extraordinary experience with our selection of lush plants and carefully coordinated accessories.


To encourage a greener modern lifestyle with creative, high-quality products.


Inspire customers through our selection of coordinated plants and pots

Offer excellent customer service

Respect diversity

Introduce Japanese culture and crafts to Canadians



About Mika Sato

I was born in Hiroshima, Japan, where I grew up surrounded by a bounty of nature that both nurtured and inspired me. In my homeland I studied the ancient floral art of ikebana, which has profoundly influenced my design aesthetic over the last twenty-five years. In 2010 I decided to pursue my interest in pottery and it was love at first sight! I then combined my two passions—botanicals and pottery—creating a unique fusion of these natural elements. My style is contemporary with a Japanese influence that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I grow many of my own botanicals, with the remainder being locally sourced. I also incorporate found elements such as lichens, moss, and branches to create one-of-a-kind pieces. 

About Satoshi Yoshikawa - Pottery Artist at MIKA

Satoshi Yoshikawa was born in 1983 in Okayama, Japan. At the age of 21 he began training in the pottery arts, first in Okinawa and Okayama prefectures then later in Bizen. It was there that he was inspired by Anjin Abe in the making of tea and sake ware and specialized in wood kiln firing. His first solo exhibition was in Tokyo at the age of 28. Satoshi moved to Canada in 2019 and continues to pursue his passion in ceramics at MIKA where he designs and produces pottery.