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BIOS - Plant Probiotics

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Just like our skin & gut, microbes play an essential role protecting us from disease and breaking down our food so we can absorb the nutrients. Plants are the same way!

Our Plant Probiotic has billions of microbes like bacteria and fungi that you simply add to water and spray your leaves or water your soil (also amazing for semi-hydro & hydroponic setups!)

Get the power of probiotics to:

- Kill powdery mildew & fungal diseases! 
- Increase water retention (water your plants less often).
- Allows your plants to absorb more nutrients = bigger growth 

How to Use:

1. Add Plant Probiotic directly to the water in your watering can or spray bottle (1ml per litre/quart)

2. Spray your leaves or water into your growing medium!

Our Probiotic is not only good for your house plants, its also amazing for your garden, herbs, and even your lawn!


- Add our Yucca Extract to increase the effectiveness for foliar sprays!

- Avoid spraying in direct sunlight always. 

- Avoid adding with synthetic fertilizers. Organics are perfectly fine!

*Makes 15-20 Gallons worth of product 😮

Other benefits include:

- increases the plants ability to absorb nutrients.
- increases terpene production of fruiting/flowering plants.

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BIOS Plant Probiotics - MIKAFleur
BIOS Plant Probiotics - MIKAFleur