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4" Syngonium Nephthytis pink

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Light; Although these plants are extremely low light tolerant, they will grow faster and maintain their vibrant coloring and markings if grown in medium to bright indirect light. Direct sun will scorch their leaves. Syngonium can also be grown under artificial light sources if your space is light-challenged. Try moving your Arrowhead vines closer to the light source during the winter months and remember to rotate your plants every time you water them, or attend to them, to encourage a full-bodied plant!

Water: Allow these indoor plants to dry out partially between watering. If left dry for too long the lower leaves will dry up and turn brown. If this happens, soak the soil and let the plant re-hydrate. If the soil stays wet for extended periods of time, the leaves will start to turn yellow or brown. When a plant is over watered the soil becomes waterlogged, preventing oxygen from reaching the roots. This bog-like condition of the soil is a perfect breeding pond of bacteria and disease. This is meant to scare you away from over watering!

This plant is toxic if ingested. Keep away from pets and small children. It may also cause skin irritation.

4"Grower's pot

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4" Syngonium Nephthytis pink - MIKAFleurPlant
4" Syngonium Nephthytis pink - MIKAFleurPlant