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About Mika Sato

Welcome to the World of MIKA: A Journey Through the Eyes of Satoshi
Hello, everyone! I'm Satoshi, the man behind the scenes at MIKA—serving as the product manager, handling all tasks, and also the loving husband of Mika, the visionary owner of our beloved store. Today, I'm delighted to share with you the story of Mika, the heart and soul of MIKA, from my perspective.
Mika's story begins in a serene small village surrounded by bamboo groves on a gentle hill along the Seto Inland Sea in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. This village, with its shrines, mountains, and rivers, was her playground and classroom, shared with childhood friends. However, the most profound influence on her life came from her grandmother. A wise and nurturing parent figure, her grandmother taught Mika the beauty of nature—introducing her to flower names, how to gather bamboo shoots and wild vegetables, and the joys of home gardening. The bond between Mika and her grandmother provided comfort during lonely times and sparked a passion for English with foresight and wisdom. Her grandmother's love was a blend of tender care and lessons in independence, shaping Mika into the woman she is today.
Mika's grandmother
(Mika's Grandmother in 1970)
Mika's farther & Mika
(Mika's farther & Mika, harvesting bamboo shoots )
When Mika was 17, tragedy struck with the declining health and passing of her beloved grandmother. This loss plunged Mika into deep sorrow but also strengthened her determination to embrace independence fully. With cherished memories and her grandmother's teachings in her heart, Mika embarked on a new chapter—pursuing higher education in Osaka and eventually following her dreams to Canada.
Seto Inland Sea
(Seto Inland Sea)
In Toronto, Mika found herself embraced by a vibrant community at a local flower shop, where the tapestry of diversity and acceptance invigorated her spirit. This experience not only deepened her love for Toronto but also planted the seed for a dream: to blend the richness of Japanese culture with the mosaic of Toronto's diversity. In September 2017, that dream became a reality with the opening of MIKA on Dundas Street West. Our store reflects Mika's journey, cherishing physical connections with nature and people alike. The challenges of COVID-19 left her physically and emotionally exhausted, pushing her to the brink of closing the store. However, it was her indomitable spirit that allowed MIKA to flourish, leading to a relocation on our 5th anniversary, marking a fresh start.
(Visit Japan with a good friend with whom she workedmet while at a flower shop)
Our journey began in 2017, and since then, I've come to know Mika as a person of profound emotional depth, honesty, and vulnerability. Yet, it's her resilience, her unwavering determination to move forward, that truly defines her. Mika's journey is a testament to the power of stepping out of one's comfort zone, embracing new experiences, and the perpetual pursuit of growth.
I believe that small businesses like ours are a reflection of the owner's soul—an art form that cannot be replicated. While design aims to alleviate stress, art invites it, challenging perceptions and inspiring growth. MIKA's uniqueness, often noted by our cherished customers, mirrors Mika's life itself. With each new discovery, MIKA evolves, just as Mika does.
Looking ahead, I am filled with excitement for the endless possibilities that await. As Mika navigates life's trials and triumphs, so too will MIKA transform.