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2.5" Venus Flytrap (Pet friendly)

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    Carnivorous plants are fun to grow and fascinating to watch and learn about. The Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula) is a moisture loving plant that grows near marshes and bogs. The plants have been overharvested in their native habitat and are becoming rare. Native to only a few areas in North and South Carolina, Venus fly traps grow in nitrogen depleted soils. This is why they trap insects, which provide them with the necessary nitrogen.

    • Sunlight: At least four hours of direct sunlight a day (i.e. full sun)
    • Water: Rain, distilled, or reverse osmosis water only
    • Soil: Nutrient poor soil such as peat moss or sphagnum moss and a pot with good drainage
    • Dormancy: A yearly dormancy period in the winter months

    *2.5" Grower's pot