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Sakao Tea Ceremonial Grade 50g

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    This finely powdered green tea from Kyoto is obtained by grinding tea leaves from the first harvest of the year. It is the fact that it is ground that makes it so special and makes it a much higher quality tea than standard green tea or even brewed tea in general. Grinding tea leaves absorbs all the nutrients in green tea: antioxidants (catechin), vitamins and theanine, which slows the progression of disease and the natural aging process and helps relieve tension .

    It is the youngest and tender leaves that are used to make Ceremonial Matcha. They produce a milder taste that is ideal for tea ceremonies and Matcha made the Japanese way.

    Consuming catechin daily helps restore the body's natural balance, contributes to well-being and increases metabolic activity.

    A spoonful of our Matcha makes it easier for you to consume the nutrients of tea, and the caffeine in Matcha is healthier than that in coffee (in Matcha, the caffeine is bound to other molecules that complement its effect and make it more tolerable for the body).


    1) Put the tea in a tea bowl. 1 teaspoon (about 5g) for 1 person.

    2) Pour the water (60ml) at 70-75 degrees into the tea bowl.

    3) Whisk the tea either with a tea whisk (chasen) or with an electric mixer.