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12" Ficus Audrey

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Ficus (Bright light)

Light: A bright indirect light, although a small amount daily sun is good (not mid afternoon sun)

Watering: Water when the 50% of soil is dry and reduce watering in the winter. The worst thing to do is over water. 

Misting and cleaning: To improve humidity mist the leaves. Also clean the leaves with a soft sponge and water to remove dust and prevent pests.

Special tips: Ficus are particularly sensitive to environment changes. They will likely take a little time to adjust to their new home. Sometimes they lose a few bottom leaves and discolouration of leaves, don't panic, they just need some time to adjust to the new environment. Choose a location away from air vents and drafts where tree will receive plenty of bright ambient light. Be sure to follow the care instruction then they will be happy!

12" Grower's pot, 4-11' tall

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12" Ficus Audrey - MIKAFleurPlants
12" Ficus Audrey - MIKAFleurPlants