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6" Satin Pothos Philo Silver

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    This striking tropical plant is loved for its full growth and unusual colouring. It grows fuller and is less vining than other  Pothos and cascades splendidly in a hanging planter or a shelf where there is room for it to spread.

    The satin Pothos has heart-shaped, blue-green leaves that are streaked with silver grey marking that give it satin sheen. This plant will revert to solid green and will not have much growth if it resides in a low light area. Your Satin Pothos will flourish and be happiest in bright indirect light.

    • Light: Likes bright indirect light. Harsh, direct sunlight will scorch the leaves, while too little light will cause the leaves to loose their variegation.
    • Water: It's best to water when the top 50% of soil is dry. Don't worry if you forget, it will occasionally tolerate a missed watering! 
    • Toxicity: Mildly toxic to pets and humans.


    6" Hanging grower’s pot