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4" Goldfish plant "Black Gold" (Pet friendly)

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    Goldfish plant is one of the less known, but all the more beautiful houseplants. The fish-shaped flowers and, of course, also their color has earned it the nickname ‘goldfish plant’ in the English-speaking world.  


    Goldfish plants thrive best in a light to semi-shady location. The plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight, as this will cause its leaves to burn.


    Spring to summer: Water your Goldfish plant with lukewarm water (tepid water). Watering your plant with cold water could result in leaves with unsightly brown spots. The soil should be kept slightly moist at all times. In winter, however, you need to decrease watering. Make sure that the soil almost becomes dry before “rewatering.”


     Goldfish plants are non-poisonous to humans and pets.  

    4” Grower’s pot 

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