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12" Blue Agave

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    • Light: Agave plants thrive in full sun throughout the year. When grown indoor threy should be by your brightest window, ideally a sunny south- or west-facing window. Rotate the container every week or two to ensure that all sides of the plant receive light and grow evenly. You also can move the container outdoor in warm weather, so your agave can luxuriate in full sunlight.
    • Water: During the fall and winter, when agave plants are resting, allow the top 75% of the soil to dry out before watering. In the spring and summer, when the plant is actively growing, water when the top 2"-3" of soil has dried out. Be careful not to over-water since succulent agave plants like to be kept on the dry side.

    12" Grower's pot 

    Toxicity: Agave is moderate toxic and not pet-friendly.