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10" Falese Aralia (Pet friendly)

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    False aralia is a pretty indoor plant beloved for its interesting leaf shape and slim, sprawling height, both of which give it a feather-like appearance. They can handle a range of temperatures—the main problem with colder environments, however, is the lack of humidity, so expect plants in these conditions to lose leaves unless you can raise rhe humidity sufficiently. They aren't picky as to their fertilizer, but they dislike too much water or being allowed to dry out excessively.

    Light: False aralia like bright, but not direct, sunlight. The leaf color is affected by overall light levels—the more light that it gets, the darker the mature leaves will appear. However, be mindful of exposing the plant to any direct rays of sunlight. They can damage the thin, delicate leaves and cause them to brown.

    Water: False aralia prefer a steady supply of adequate moisture and are somewhat picky about it. Good drainage is essential to false aralia is non-toxic to dogs and cats.growing the best plant possible, but take care not to overwater the plant (you'll know if it's getting too much hydration if the leaves begin to wilt). A good rule of thumb is to wait until the top one to two inches of soil have dried out before you water again.

    Toxic: False aralia is non-toxic to dogs and cats.

    *10" Grower pot