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6" Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight

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    Soil: Scindapsus treubii are not picky with soil, a regular huse lant mix can be used but if you want to nitpick you can add some perlite to the soil for aeration.

    A fast-draining mix is always the best option to avoid waterlogging and root rot. If you do mix your own soil you can mix one part soil one part orchid bark and one part perlite.

    Light: Scindapsus treubii like bright indirect light which makes it a perfect candidate for an east-facing window or further away from a south-facing window. They will tolerate small periods of direct light but will start to grow very slowly and fade in color if placed in a dark place.

    WateringYou should allow your Scindapsus treubii’s soil to dry out completely before watering. Much like a succulent it doesn’t need to be drenched all the time and won’t mind a bit of neglect watering-wise. When it does get thirsty though it will show you so with its leaves curling. The leaves will go back to their vibrant self once they are saturated with water.


     6" Grower's pot

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