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Ficus ginseng in MIKA's handmade pottery.

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    Light: Ficus trees will grow in low light but thrive in high light. Make sure not to expose your Ficus to direct afternoon sun in the summer. Ficus trees are great inside but appreciate being taken outside in the summer. As with any bonsai giving Ficus the maximum amount of light will help to keep them healthy and strong. Growing in dim light will result in leggy, weak, off color growth and disease prone plants. When Ficus are grown indoors give them the most window light possible or augment with artificial light for 18 hours a day.

    Water: Keep your Ficus moderately wet Water your tree well in the summer and decrease watering in the winter. Ficus are very tolerant of being over or under watered, which makes them ideal for beginners. A humidity tray is a great way to increase humidity. These shallow trays are filled with small stones and have water in the bottom of the tray. Make sure the water does not reach the bottom of the Bonsai pot to prevent root rot. As the water evaporates, it creates an appropriate level of humidity mimicking the Ficus Bonsai’s natural environment.